• 90-100% ØKOLOGI90-100% ECOLOGY

    We have received the organic gold label and are the only organic shawarma bar in the world.


    You help support charities and local projects in Palestine.


    We take pride in making people happy, so we get hammering proud when the reviewers give us 5 stars!


    We make classic Arabic dishes with the absolute best ingredients, so the taste is always right in the cupboard.


    Gaza Grill is an authentic Arabic and organic eatery, based on original family recipes from Palestine. We have a deep love for the rich middle eastern cuisine, social dining and sharing dishes.

    We are certified by the danish government with the gold label ’90-100% organic’, and we try to use as much local produce as possible.

    Our bread is made with danish flour from Valsemøllen, and we use danish peas in our hummus and falafel, the shawarma beef, and halloum cheese are also danish, and all our suppliers have an organic certification.


    To reduce the global carbon footprint, we recommend that all customers eat less meat,
    so try our delicious falafel and our other vegan, vegetarian mezze side dishes, they satisfy the appetite and are healthy for the body, the soul, and our climate.

    Our electricity comes from natural energy, and we strive to work only with biodegradable packaging, FSC-certified printed matter, eco-labelled detergents and without any food waste.

    All our dips are 100% vegan, and our falafel, cauliflower and french fries are deep-fried separately, in fresh rapeseed oil.