The most tasty and authentic

Our flagship product: organic olive oil. The twisted olive trees of Palestine, cultivated by several generations of farmers, are the key to the success of this exquisite olive oil.

What is the story behind our oil?


Everywhere in Palestine, the crooked olive trees, as old as the country itself, tower. The bark of the trees is furrowed like the wrinkles of the men and women who for generations have cultivated the trees and passed on their knowledge to the next generation: the secret behind the perfect olive oil. The most flavorful and authentic olive oil imaginable – as it has been made for thousands of years.

Add a unique touch to your recipes

Our organic blend is made up of thyme, salt, sesame seeds and sumac. The taste is a mixture of salty, sour, slightly nutty as well as dry and spicy thyme.

What recipes can I combine it with?

Our zatar is ideal as a spread on fish, meat or vegetables (before and/or after cooking), or as a marinade, dressing or dip. It also tastes great sprinkled on salads, soups, hummus or in your manakish.

Deliveries within 48 hours

Products delivered within 2 days maximum guaranteed.

Sustainable packaging

Our packaging is recycled and environmentally friendly.

90-100% Organic

All Gaza Grill products are certified 90-100% organic.

Fill your kitchen with magic

Feel the soul of Palestine and the buzz of its history with our handmade dishes from the historic city of Hebron. Transform your kitchen with our dishes and bowls that stand out for their cheerful and flamboyant design.

Bowls: From 26 to 18 cm

Plates: 22 cm


How are our dishes made?


The plates and bowls are handmade in Palestine’s oldest city, Hebron, known for its mastery in the creation of ceramics. The method used is the same one that has been used for centuries. Everything is handmade and hand-painted with love. So you are not buying just a thing, but a part of someone else’s life. You are facing hundreds of hours of dedication, frustration, hope.

Products on sale

Wrap yourself in Palestinian history

Back to Mesopotamia: the keffiyeh

It’s not just a scarf, it has its meanings and a long history dating back to 3100 BC. Today, we wear the keffiyeh to represent Palestine everywhere we go and to stand in solidarity with our righteous cause and it’s people.

Don't run out of stock

We bring you our organic olive oil from Palestine, now in big quantities, so you won’t run out.

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