Help the civilians of Gaza, Palestine!

The humanitarian situation in GAZA is catastrophic; over 1 million Palestinians are fleeing from their homes and possessions.

Therefore, we have decided to donate the profits from our webshop to the French NGO Premiere Urgence, which has about 45 people in and around GAZA.

A minimum of 20% of ALL sales goes directly to Premiere Urgence and their work, which includes trauma treatment, hospital assistance, medicine with a focus on children and youth.

Gaza Grill has previously raised a little over 10,000€ for the organization, and the money was used for the construction of a children's hospital.

Donations will be collected until January 1, 2024, but we are sending money continuously as the need is urgent.

You can read more about Premiere Urgence and their work here.

Everyone who supports the collection will receive ongoing updates on how the money has been used and a SUPPORT GAZA badge that they can share on their social media.