De mest forfriskende cocktails til at sige goddag til sommere

The Most Refreshing Cocktails To Say Hello To Summer

The Most Refreshing Cocktails To Say Hello To Summer

Discover some of the new cocktails we've added to our Kødbyen restaurant to make your summer even more delightful. Wines and soft drinks are also available (free-alcohol alternative).

Summer is the perfect time for refreshing cocktails. Whether you're looking for a nutritious cocktail or a refreshing drink, here are some of the most refreshing organic cocktails that will help you beat the heat. 

Organic Cocktails & Long Drinks

#1: Elderflower Fizz: A light and fragrant drink, made from gin, elderflower, and ginger.

#2: Mango Smash: A sweet and mouth-watering drink with tropical flavour nuances, made from gin, mango and citrus. 

#3: Blossom Spritz: Slightly sour and sweet cocktail, which with its unique combination immediately makes you dream of a Danish summer. Made from gin, rose leaves, elderflower, and rhubarb.

#4: Ginger Mojito: Fresh, bright and perfect for any occasion, made from rum, mint, lime, and ginger.

#5: Gaza Espresso Martini: Delicious and tactful cocktail, made from caramelized rum, cardamom, chocolate, and espresso.

#6: Passion Martini: Simple but tasty, harnessing the flavour of passion fruit, combined with vodka and vanilla.

#7 & #8: For classics, we also serve organic long drinks: Vodka Limonana and Gin Tonic, refreshing drinks that make you vibe the summer.

Organic Wines


#1: Cava – AT Roca – Brut Spain: Elegant bubbles with a nice dry mineral expression.

#2: Champagne – Billecart-Salmon – Brut Reserve France: Balance and harmony combined. Its blend of Pinot Noir, Chardonnay & Pinot Meunier from the best sites in Champagne.


#3: Pinot Grigio – Corvezzo Italy: Fruit bomb from the northern part of Italy. Off dry with a touch of sweetness.

#4: Roero Arneis – Malvira Italy: Crisp and green notes with apple fruit, from the local Arneis variety from Piemonte.

#5: Riesling Trocken – Witt. Germany: Dry Riesling with a fresh finish and loads of green fruits with a citrus note finish.

#6: Jeune Musar – Château Musar Libanon: Blend of Viognier, Vermentino & Chardonnay from the cool hill sides in the Bekaa Valley. Making a crisp and aromatic eclectic blend with its own distinct personality.


#7: Friponne – Saint-Roux France Organic: Rosé wine with a crystalline and limestone soil, rich in iron and bauxite, giving rise to wines with complex aromas. Based on local varieties from the south of France.


#8: Monastrell – Bodegas Casa – Castillo Spain: From the Jumilla D.O. in the south of Spain, this wine offers an intense and appealing style with concentrated fruit from the grape Monastrell.

#9: Côtes du Rhône Les Chaux – Fontbonau France Organic: Les Chaux is always a wine which surprises. This blend of old Grenache wines with a touch of Syrah creates a well balanced wine with a funky farmyard expression.

#10: Spätburgunder – Witt. Germany: From Pinot Noir’s German cousin. Fresh, fruity and plenty of strawberries in this easy drinking and enjoyable wine.

#11: Hochar – Château Musar Libanon: A blend of Cinsault, Granche & Cabernet Sauvignon sourced from a single vineyard, with the intense berry fruit profile from the Cabernet.

For those who don't drink alcohol or have to drive (free-alcohol alternatives), we offer organic sparkling: cola, raspberry, elderflower, squash, still / sparkling water; organic juices: raspberry, apple, rhubarb; and organic handmade: limonana, ayran or arabic mint tea.

Taste them in Kødbyen, with good music.

Music is a powerful tool for creating the right atmosphere. It has been demonstrated that music can make you enjoy your food and beverages more. Because of this, at Gaza Grill Kødbyen, on Fridays and Saturdays, from 21:00 to 02:00, you can enjoy live music with DJs playing all kinds of music genres. For more information, visit our new Instagram, where we inform about all the events we have in Kødbyen during the summer.

We hope you enjoyed the reading and that you will be able to enjoy our cocktails soon. Thanks for reading!

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