Magien i vores keramik

The Magic of Our Ceramics

The Magic of Our Ceramics

Feel the soul of Palestine and the buzz of its history

The plates and bowls we have in Gaza Grill are handmade in Palestine’s oldest city, Hebron. The Palestinian town in the West Bank is one of the oldest permanently inhabited cities in the Middle East. This locality is also known for its mastery in the creation of ceramics. The method used is the same one that has been used for centuries. Everything is handmade and hand-painted with love. Every plate or bowls is a part of someone else’s life. Hundreds of hours of dedication, frustration, and hope.

Arab atmosphere, at its best

Both of our restaurants, located in Nørrebro and Kødbyen, stand out for providing a 100% Arab experience. Through the decorations on the walls, the paintings, the stained-glass windows, the tables, the lamps, the carpets, the cutlery, and the music, you step completely out of Denmark. The complete decoration draws you into a nice Arab place, like Jerusalem might be. But to be frank, the most eye-catching to our customers are our dishes. Not a week goes by that there is a person who wants to bring home one of them.

Restaurant of Gaza Grill Kødbyen: Arab Atmosphere

Fill your kitchen with magic

If you are also one of those who love our plates and bowls, we have good news for you! Although the pieces are exclusive and there are limited units, we have many plates and bowls for sale. The ceramics range from 18 cm to 26 cm in diameter, as indicated in each single item.

Our catalogue of plates and bowls is regularly updated. So if you would like to keep up to date with new designs, we invite you to follow us on our Instagram where we publish all the latest news, and where you will have direct access to our shop.

Manufacturing and shaping Gaza Grill's ceramics
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