De skjulte fordele ved mad fra Gaza Grill

The hidden benefits of Gaza Grill food

The hidden benefits of Gaza Grill food

Why our Arabic and Organic food helps you stay healthy

Having a balanced diet made up of organic foods has multiple benefits that not only have a positive effect on our health, but also help to care for the environment.

From Gaza Grill we want to share with you the hidden benefits of following our Organic and Arabic diet, taking care of your health and the planet too.

Arabic & Organic: the diet that helps you stay healthy

Let's go organic first

All food at Gaza Grill is 90-100% organic, both our greens and our meat – which comes from animals that were fed with organic food.

The aim of organic food is to avoid consuming foreign substances that, over time, can lead to various diseases. By doing this, we eat 100% natural food. In other words:

✔️ Food free of chemical substances (pesticides, fungicides, and herbicides).
✔️ Without preservatives or additives.
✔️ Do not contain hormones.
✔️ Are not irradiated.

Being free of these chemicals has a positive impact on the environment as well. It eliminates both soil and water pollution, rescuing and promoting biodiversity.

A delicacy from the Middle East: falafel, hummus, baba ganoush, muhamara ...

It’s time for arabic.

Following our Organic and Arabic diet will make you a healthier human. Since our organic food is produced naturally, their properties are not altered and our customers can appreciate the true flavours, colours and aromas, especially with our Danish fruits, vegetables and greens.

Our recipes, imported directly from Palestinian cuisine, bring authentic delicacies such as hummus—chickpeas, tahini, lemon juice and garlic, seasoned with green chilli and olive oil—, baba ganoush—grilled aubergine served with tahini dressing—, or muhammara —grilled red pepper with chopped walnuts—, which combined with our baked bread—made with sustainable Danish flour from Valsemøllen—are an absolute delight.

All of this without overlooking the rest of our menu, where we have falafel, tahini salad, tabbouleh, cauliflower, halloumi ost, shawarma, chicken breast–marinated in lemon juice, yogurt and sumac–, fattoush and pommes with za’atar.

In addition to the arabic flavour, our dishes also stand out for their colourful and elegant presentation. If you wish, you can see our full menu by clicking here, or take a look at some photos on Gaza Grill’s Instagram profile.

More hidden benefits of our food

We assume that in this post, we have convinced you that following our diet, which we offer in Nørrebro and Kødbyen, is really recommendable.

But in case you are still lacking reasons to switch to this diet, here are some more: an Organic and Arabic diet allows you to have a balanced diet (and even lose weight, if that is your goal), strengthen your immune system, reduce the chances of developing diseases and improve the quality of your sleep. 

This one we have already mentioned, but we must not forget it: by consuming organic food, you are also doing your bit to protect and care for the environment.

Now we let you reflect.

Are you joining to the Organic & Arabic food?

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