Hos Gaza Grill vælger vi at være Grønne

At Gaza Grill we choose to be Green

At Gaza Grill we choose to be Green

Renewable and sustainable energy from Danish wind turbines

At Gaza Grill we strive for a green and sustainable future​. All the electricity we use in our restaurants in Nørrebro and Kødbyen comes from Danish wind turbines. The climate-friendly company Natur-Energi, which matches our values, is the supplier of our wind energy.

The Danish wind is shouting at us to be sustainable

Although winds are not equal throughout Denmark, conditions in most parts of our country are ideal for wind turbines.

Denmark was the first country in the world to have an offshore wind farm in 1991. The weather conditions at sea are ideal for wind turbines, as there is little to disturb the wind.

Why you should buy sustainable energy

The great advantage of wind energy is that it does not emit greenhouse gases. In other words, it is a renewable and climate-friendly source of energy.

Renewable energy is an indispensable ally in mitigating society's impact on the environment. This helps to mitigate the effects of climate change.

These effects include health risks, higher temperatures, water and food shortages, Arctic ice melt, loss of species, poverty and displacement.

Learn more about our values

At Gaza Grill, our Arabic food is 90-100% organic. As local, traditional, homemade and freshly made as possible.

Pesticides and GMO's are a thing of the past. Animals must feel good and graze in the outdoors, so in addition to all our beef, chicken and halloumi cheese being Danish-produced with a guarantee of animal welfare, all our suppliers are organically certified.

Furthermore, at Gaza Grill we work, as far as possible, only with biodegradable packaging, FSC-certified print, Nordic Ecolabelled cleaning products and completely free of food waste.

Finally, to reduce our CO2 footprint, most of our dishes are vegan and vegetarian, helping to reduce meat consumption. And at the same time, favouring organic dips, such as our delicious falafel, cauliflower and chips (fried in fresh organic rapeseed oil of the day, in which nothing else is cooked). A wide variety of mezze contributes to a healthy diet for body, soul and climate.
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