Platter og skåle til Catering

30 kr. inkl. moms

With our handmade ceramics you can feel the soul of Palestine and the buzz of history. The beautiful plates and bowls come from Palestine’s oldest city, Hebron, known for its artful pottery. Here, knowledge and knowledge are passed down from generation to generation and you use the same old-fashioned methods as you have done for centuries. Everything is handmade and hand painted with love. So you are buying not just one thing, but a piece of another person’s life. You stand with hundreds of hours of dedication, frustration, hope and joy in your hand. to keep living their lives. That’s why we call the series of ceramics From The River to the Sea – to honor the peaceful struggle for a free Palestine.

Ikke på lager


Get the food delivered in our beautiful dishes, ready to be put on the table, so you just have to relax and have fun with your guests.

The price for plates and bowls is DKK 30 per. person . Please put as many items in the basket as you have guests .


Der er endnu ikke nogle anmeldelser.

Kun kunder, der er logget ind og har købt denne vare, kan skrive en anmeldelse.

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