Organic Olive Oil from Palestine | 500 ml

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Everywhere in Palestine, the crooked olive trees, as old as the country itself, tower. The bark of the trees is furrowed like the wrinkles of the men and women who for generations have cultivated the trees and passed on their knowledge to the next generation: the secret behind the perfect olive oil. most flavorful and authentic olive oil imaginable – as it has been made for thousands of years. Unfortunately, the life work of the farmers is threatened by the Israeli occupying power which with fences, barbed wire and daily hetz complicates the care of the fields and the export of the product. We support the Palestinian farmers to ensure that centuries of tradition and knowledge are not lost. The olive oil is both organic and fair trade-labeled and is produced in collaboration with the organization Mawasem, which works to strengthen sustainable agricultural cooperatives in Palestine, especially run by women.


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