Gaza Grill Kødbyen & Gaza Grill Nørrebro: Where May I Go

Gaza Grill Kødbyen & Gaza Grill Nørrebro: Where May I Go

Don't know which Gaza Grill suits you? In this article, we solve your doubts

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The concept of Gaza Grill

Gaza Grill is an authentic Arabic & Organic dining house, based on original family recipes from Palestine, with a deep love for the rich Middle Eastern cuisine, communal dining and delectable dishes. 

All our food is 90-100% organic, as local, traditional, home-made and freshly made as possible. Gaza Grill adapts the menu to your lifestyle, so that everyone can enjoy our great cuisine and service. Most of the menu is vegetarian are vegan and vegetarian, and our falafel. We also have a wide range of gluten-free options.

Gaza Grill Nørrebro

Our first restaurant is in Nørrebro, the coolest neighborhood in the world (according to Time Out magazine, 2021). Nørrebro is a district known for being the multicultural and alternative part of Copenhagen. As soon as we arrive, we realise ‌it is a different atmosphere to what we expect from the town, due to the large number of Arabic restaurants. Like all the districts surrounding the city centre, Nørrebro starts at The Lakes. We are located 400 metres from there (5 minutes walk) in front of Sankt Hans Torv, on Fælledvej 22 C.

Gaza Grill Nørrebro is a unique and ideal place to go with your friends or family and enjoy tasty and organic food and soft drinks. Despite the high presence of Arabic restaurants, Gaza Grill stands out for providing a 100% Arabic experience. You step completely out of Denmark and it feels like you’re stepping into a place like Marrakech or Jerusalem. The same happens in our other restaurant in Kødbyen.

Our customers in Nørrebro often like to have our food brought to them via our Delivery service in the Copenhagen centres. But many others opt for the Takeaway option and enjoy our food in front of The Lakes, especially on sunny days in spring and summer.

In Nørrebro we are open every day of the week, Monday to Sunday from 11am to 10pm.

Gaza Grill Kødbyen

The other restaurant is in the hot spot, Kødbyen. The Copenhagen’s Meatpacking District, recognisable by its white, grey and brown colours, is now characterised by its galleries, nightlife and exclusive gastronomy. Today, artists and restaurateurs, like ourselves, have been joined to initial butchers.

Now, many of the doors that were once closed remain open all night, and Gaza Grill Kødbyen (with the contribution of the other local commerces) has become an authentic and vibrant hub of Copenhagen’s nightlife.

At Gaza Grill Kødbyen we recommend you to spend a long morning or evening. So you can relax and enjoy our Organic and Arabic à la carte menu. Besides this, if you come in the evening, on the weekends you can expect DJs, who provide good music for your meal: soul, funk, belly dance disco and synth with a touch of desert climate. Among our favourite guests are the Bilal Irished Trio.

The last thing to tell you is that we serve a special menu to Kødbyen in the evening. So we encourage you to book a table (the weekend, or midweek) and be surprised by our selected Arabic and Organic dishes, wines and drinks. Through this, we want to give you the best possible experience. Just take our word for it, we won’t let you down.

In Kødbyen we open every day at 11 a.m. Sunday to Wednesday until 10 p.m. Thursday until midnight, and on Friday and Saturday until 2 a.m.

The overview: Gaza Grill Nørrebro & Kødbyen

Still haven’t decided between Nørrebro and Kødbyen? Well, you can come and try them both – they’re compatible! But if you want to be sure of your best chance, here’s a table to help you make up your mind once and for all:

PS: Delicious food and friendly service is always provided in both Gaza Grill restaurants.

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