Luftfoto af den gamle bydel, profeternes grav og Klippedom i en solrig og overskyet solnedgang. Taget i Jerusalem, Israels hovedstad.

The Magic of Our Ceramics

The plates and bowls we have in Gaza Grill are handmade in Palestine’s oldest city, Hebron. The Palestinian town in the West Bank is…

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Gaza Grill Kødbyen & Gaza Grill Nørrebro: Where May I Go

Gaza Grill Kødbyen & Gaza Grill Nørrebro: Where May I Go Don’t know which Gaza Grill suits you? In this article, we solve your doubts Table of Contents The concept of Gaza Grill Gaza Grill is an authentic Arabic & Organic dining house, based on original family recipes from Palestine, with a deep love for

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Palestinian farmers, Olive Oil

Why Choose our Organic Olive Oil instead others

The most flavorful and authentic olive oil imaginable – as it has been made for thousands of years The history of our olive oil Everywhere in Palestine, the crooked olive trees, as old as the country itself, tower. The bark of the trees is furrowed like the wrinkles of the men and women who for

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